Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why I haven't posted in ages

I know I haven't posted anything here in ages, but I have a reason. Sort of. I've been working like mad at a start-up all year, so my non-work tech projects have been minimal at best. Anyway, I've been working on a site with really cool angle on fund raising projects. Here's the site: PeerDreams.

Sorry for the non-Bucket entry, but I've been killing myself working on this!


Blogger Shawn said...


Killer site. Is this vbg22 that had his/her photos from some Buckethead shows posted on Binge and Grab? If so we (shawn & Bruce) just opened a new website called the Buckethead Database and we are interested in adding your photos to our site. We are trying to get a nice collection fomr as many shows as possbile and your are some of the earliest we know of.. We have an Audio, Video & Photo section. If allowed to use your photos we will give you full credit for them. Check out the site. And if you wanna contact me reply to this or email me @ Kameron_Frye@yahoo.com

- http://www.thebucketdatabase.com/

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a great idea!!! Good luck and I hope things work out well. That is a really unique twist on fundraising!!!!


12:46 AM  
Anonymous niro said...

Hey, Nice Hmmm..

11:39 PM  

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