Thursday, December 08, 2005

Travis Dickerson is the greatest

I just thought I'd take a minute to say how cool Travis Dickerson is. First of all, he records with Buckethead which gives him instant cred (sorry Axl, it doesn't always work). He adds some great keys that you don't usually hear with Bucket. I hear an old school influence on Travis' playing - specifically the great Rick Wakeman. Has anyone else noticed this? Just listen to Population Override or Thanatopsis and tell me you don't hear a little Wakeman in there. You also have to give some points for releasing Buckethead albums. Not only that, you can download out-of-print CDs! Big deal, you may say? If you can find "Day of the Robot" anywhere you'll pay at least $50 for it, but you can download it from Travis' site for $9. Also, you can order Buckethead's latest, Inbred Mountain, on his site. I was just listening to Population Override and felt like praising Travis - he didn't pay me say any of this!