Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A couple of recent articles

Nothing major here, just a couple recent articles on the web. The Boston Herald has an article called "Buckethead to pluck 'Chicken'" that has a couple good quotes (allegedly) from Buckethead. An article from the Easter Michigan University paper called "Buckethead, guitar virtuoso" says a lot of nice things, but has nothing really new to long-time Bucketbots.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bucketbuddy Dan Monti in the news

Looks like Buckethead's buddy Dan Monti is lending his bass and production talent to a young (very young) artist. I've never heard of this kid, but you might want to check out the story: The Rock Violinist, 14 year old Singer/Songwriter, Antonio Pontarelli, wins prestigious songwriting competition.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thoughts about the Petaluma show

In short, this was yet another great Bucket show. A few random thoughts:

The show was packed with medley's. For instance, I really liked the way he folded all of "Post Office Buddy" into one of the medleys. Of course he did some of the things that only Buckethead would do like smash a little "row, row, row your boat..." into a Hendrix medley.

I managed to get video of the first hour and fifteen minutes until the battery ran out. I want to clarify Buckethead's policy on sharing/trading videos, but I do plan on making this available to Bucketbots eventually (trading DVDs, downloads, BitTorrent, Google Video, whatever...).

Pinchface was great as always and I like Del Rey Brewer's playing. Some people on the Bucketboard complained that he played the bass with a pick. Excuse me, Chris Squire - one of the best and most influential bass players ever - plays with a pick. One of the great things about Bucketbuddies is that they do things differently than others, like play the bass with a pick rather than fingers - shocking. Get over it.

I'll have to watch the video to find where they do this, but I swear that Pinchy and Brewer evoked the spirit on John Bonham and John Paul Jones on "Jordan".

Bucket came out and played with some tapes instead of with Pinch and Brewer and I'm not sure why. I've seen him play "Jowls" and "Nottingham Lace" with a band, but instead played with a tape this time. I've seen him do a whole show with prerecorded music, but not during a show with a band. However, it was still great hearing those pieces.

I've been to over 40 Bucket shows and I'm still not tired of them. In fact I can't wait for the next one!